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To market to consumers these days you have to target their pocket. That’s right… their pocket. I don’t mean their wallet. I’m talking about what consumers have in their pockets – if not in their bag – and that is their mobile device.

Over 75% of people do the same thing right before they fall asleep and right when they wake up – and that is check their mobile device. Whether it be to check their push notifications, emails, text messages or even skim their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed. As human beings our mobile devices are left not very far from our reach. Subconsciously we cannot live without these devices.

Companies these days try every tactic possible to get their brand, product or service to consumers and will almost grasp at anything to do so. Unfortunately, I see many of them miss their mark…completely. They fail to recognize the power of mobile marketing. Here are 3 tips to consider to adopt mobile marketing into your business.

1) A Responsive Website is now a necessity

responsive-websiteIf your website is not a responsive website then consider your business completely missing out in a big way in reaching potential customers and maintaining current customers.

“Responsive Website” means that your website will display on any device: a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone. By having a responsive website it allows your business to achieve ultimate visibility and maximize your qualified leads from mobile search.

2) Social Behaviour


Most, if not all, companies have made the leap into the world of Social Media in some form or another. Some have done so maximizing their brand while others have done so as an attempt to follow a trend.

It is imperative that a business is aware of the behaviours and influence mobile plays with social media. The user’s experience and behaviour is very different when using a mobile device as opposed to a computer. Businesses must be open and attentive to apply this awareness to their social media strategies.

3) Push Notifications


Now is the time to start strategically integrating push notifications into your business to strengthen and build your customer relationships and maximize your reach to potential customers.

68% of people who download mobile apps opt-in to receiving push notifications. The potential for push notifications does not stop with mobile apps. A good bulk of “push” is not only on mobile devices but also have already migrated to desktops, entertainment systems, e-readers and even cars.

About the Author: Danny Braga, known as Braga, is the founder of iamBraga and owner of StreetConcepts Inc., an integrated marketing company that has helped build and grow small to mid-size companies through unorthodox marketing strategies. Braga’s vision is to provide businesses with the opportunity to utilize today’s innovative marketing tools to their full potential to coincide with a client’s business brand and message.
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