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The market for mobile devices is growing and it will not stop. Business owners must change their approach to how they market their business to encompass the use of mobile phones today.


People are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. Today marketing is influenced by mobile devices, geolocation, social media, responsive websites and SEO. As marketers we need to acknowledge how technology influences people’s lives daily. As business owners you need to be aware of how mobile devices can impact your marketing strategy.

Did any of those numbers surprise you?
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About the Author:
Danny Braga, known as Braga, is the founder of iamBraga and owner of StreetConcepts Inc., an integrated marketing company that has helped build and grow small to mid-size companies through unorthodox marketing strategies. Braga’s vision is to provide businesses with the opportunity to utilize today’s innovative marketing tools to their full potential to coincide with a client’s business brand and message.
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