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Most B2B companies either suck with their Social Media or simply don’t do it. However, that does not give them the right to continue to fail miserably in social media. In comparison to the other key players in social media, B2B companies are somewhere in the bottom. Here are a few tips that B2B companies can adopt to improve their social media marketing.

Stop Being So Boring


Let’s be realistic in most cases, B2B companies have a rather technical approach to how they handle interaction. Maybe it’s due to the fact that they are dealing with other businesses. This boring state of affairs has infected their social media campaigns as well. For instance, a company selling electronic components might concentrate on the boring electronic parts they sell in their social media. Few people are interested in electronic parts, but people are interested in the final products such as TVs, microwaves, fridges and so on. And that is precisely the angle they need to use to shake the “boring” tag off.

Feature A Real Person


In most cases, the B2B companies tend to work their social media campaigns in the absence of a human element. Without a real person to relate to, followers tend to feel that the engagements are not real and somewhat distant. How then do you humanize the brand on social media?

  1. Write your content with emphasis in first person voice
  2. Have a name of the customer service personnel
  3. Allow the tweets, articles or updates have a human element
  4. Initiate interactions and engagements from a genuine person

Hire A Social Media Professional


It’s quite important to hire a person who is really good on social media campaigns, instead of hiring a person who is just a professional in your particular niche. They might have the technical skills but still fail miserably in understanding the social media concept. Ideally, you should look for a person or social media agency that has social media experience even if it’s not specifically your niche.

Marry Your Social Media Campaign With Your Content Marketing


Your social media strategy should be in line with your content marketing strategy. If B2B companies are able to transfer the success of content marketing onto social media, then they just might get it right. In essence, the company should find the most interactive and engaging articles from content marketing to be shared on social media.

Use LinkedIn


There is a difference between how affairs are run on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Basically, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ concentrate on being social while LinkedIn markets itself as a professional outfit. Most B2B companies have a stronger presence on LinkedIn than they do on other social media platforms. Therefore, it’s important to create networks on LinkedIn as a B2B company.

If a B2B company can be able to follow these five tips on their social media onslaught they just might shake off the boring tag, after all.


About the Author: Danny Braga, known as Braga, is the founder of iamBraga and owner of StreetConcepts Inc., an integrated marketing company that has helped build and grow small to mid-size companies through unorthodox marketing strategies. Braga’s vision is to provide businesses with the opportunity to utilize today’s innovative marketing tools to their full potential to coincide with a client’s business brand and message.
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  • Kevin Stevens says:

    From what you’ve said here and what I’ve read elsewhere it certainly seems as though hiring a social media person/team is a worthwhile endeavor. Maybe it will just take a little longer for larger companies (those headed up by older people) to catch onto this. I speak as an older person myself – it can be hard to keep up with all the changes afoot these days but this is one area where we simply cannot sit back on our laurels – it might seem easy but it’s certainly not

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