Search Engine Domination.

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It is safe to say that approximately 75% of all consumers research their buying decisions online before purchasing any product or service. In addition, on average a consumer will type 5 to 8 different search queries into Google when researching any product or service.

Do you know where your business really ranks?

For the thousands of searches being conducted every month by potential customers looking for your services. Your average ranking is between 3 to 8% for these searches.

That means 92 to 97% of these targeted searches, your company and brand are invisible to potential customers. That is LOST revenue opportunity, LOST customer acquisition, LOST brand awareness, and LOST online market share.

Attempting to reach your customer base with just your website is like fishing for customers with a single pole. We know the challenge companies like yours face online. The iOPW’s marketing platform can connect you with the opportunities that current online strategies cannot.

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